Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide

Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide

Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide

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Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide

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Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide

Questions & Answers

Can I fit AUTOSLIDE™ myself?

It is technically possible for a semi-skilled person to install AUTOSLIDE™ as it was originally designed to be a Do-It-Yourself product for the Australian market. However, the Arxcis Performance Guarantee can only be validated when installed by Arxcis trained Installers, to ensure safe and reliable operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Is there anyone that I can contact to fit AUTOSLIDE™ for me?

Please refer to our CONTACT US Page to see if there's a qualified AUTOSLIDE™ installer in your area or contact ARXCIS Ltd and we will be pleased to help you.


Do I need a power supply to run the AUTOSLIDE™?

Yes, AUTOSLIDE™ is powered by a low voltage dc power supply Plug that must be connected to a power point/socket close by the drive unit. We can install an extension for you if required.


Can I fit the AUTOSLIDE™ on the outside of the house?

The drive unit is weatherproof but not waterproof. Therefore, it must be protected from rain/water ingress.


What if there is a power failure?

If there is a main power failure the sliding door reverts back to a manual sliding door. The door can still be moved manually as before. If required, an Uninterrupted Power Supply can be provided to maintain the power supply.


If the door is manually locked and someone tries to open the door by pulling it or activating the push button or sensor, will that damage the AUTOSLIDE™ motor?

No, AUTOSLIDE™ will attempt to open the door but will quickly revert back to close if it is unable to open.


If a visitor does not know that I have AUTOSLIDE™ installed and opens the door manually while it is in Automatic mode; will that damage the system or motor?

No. This is also described as a Power Assisted Pull Open which AUTOSLIDE™ is designed to do without the use of push buttons. 

Does the AUTOSLIDE™ unit have a locking system?

No, you must use the existing manual lock on the door. However, it is possible for us to provide an electronic solenoid bolt which will lock the door on closing and unlock the door on opening, but this will restrict the activation options. Quotation is subject to site survey and it is not recommended to secure the door whilst it is unattended.


What door weight can the AUTOSLIDE™ unit take?

ARXCIS provide an AUTOSLIDE™ system modified specifically for the UK market, which can handle sliding doors up to 60 Kilograms. However, it must be friction free. 


Can I use AUTOSLIDE™ for commercial applications, such as an entry into a shop or main building?

No, AUTOSLIDE™ has been designed for home use only, and does not comply with BS:7036 commercial standard and ADSA recommendations. Any warranties do not apply to the use of AUTOSLIDE™ in a commercial situation. If a commercial application is required, please visit


Is AUTOSLIDE™ CE approved?



How long is the warranty?

AUTOSLIDE™ comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s parts only warranty, with the first year’s labour being warranted by the Installer. An extension of the labour element may be available from the Installer subject to provision of a Service Visit Agreement. Warranties explicitly exclude defects due to misuse, accidental damage, or wear and tear. This guarantee does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights.


Can AUTOSLIDE™ work with a remote?

Yes, the AUTOSLIDE™ system has a built in multi-channel receiver. Up to 15 remote controls can easily be learnt into the AUTOSLIDE™ system.


How wide can the AUTOSLIDE™ unit open a door?

It can open a door up to a width of 900mm with the standard kit or 1500mm with an extension kit. However, the door weight and friction limitations still apply.


Can I change the opening width?

Yes, by simply turning the isolation switch off and then back on, place foot behind door to where you want it to stop opening and the door will automatically program itself to the new size opening 


What colours does AUTOSLIDE™ come in?

AUTOSLIDE™ units are stocked in white. Black or bespoke colours are also available and the unit can be repainted. 


What happens if the door hits someone?

AUTOSLIDE™ comes with a built-in safety reverse feature. If the door comes in contact with someone, or any object, the door will automatically reverse. 


What is the size of the AUTOSLIDE™ unit?

AUTOSLIDE™ measures 490mm long x 70mm high x 65mm deep.


Can the door stay open when required?

Yes, by pressing the mode button to affect 'HOLD OPEN' mode or by turning the unit OFF and manually opening the door.

What is Pet Mode?

You can program AUTOSLIDE™ to open the door to a width that suits the size of your pet. Once programmed, you have the option of leaving the AUTOSLIDE™ in pet mode, which will only open the door to the pre-programmed width you have set. 


What is Auto Mode?

The door will automatically open and hold open for a pre-programmed period before automatically closing.

What is Standby Mode?

AUTOSLIDE™ will disengage the motor drive and allow the user to use door in manual operation NB: All settings remain stored in memory.


What type of sensor is used to open the door?

The basic kit comes with 2 x wireless wall mounted push buttons, but additional products and sensors such as wireless infra red sensors, pet sensors and mini remote controls can also be used. 


Can my existing remote for my garage door work with the AUTOSLIDE™?

No. The AUTOSLIDE™ remote control system is an advanced transmitter and receiver system, with a different electronic code to that of any existing devices. 


Does AUTOSLIDE™ fit left and right opening doors?

Yes. By changing the motor and main drive system we can re-hand the Drive Unit.


Can AUTOSLIDE™ be fitted to transom or floor?

Yes. It can be fitted to either top or bottom fixings, depending on the site conditions and user preference.


How much does the AUTOSLIDE™ unit cost?

Prices start at £499 FITTED.


My doors are 1200mm wide but lighter than 60kg. Will AUTOSLIDE™ work?

Yes. So long as the door is lighter than 60kg and friction free. However, the maximum width of the opening will still be 900mm unless additional racks are purchased and added-on.

Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide

Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide

Door Opening, Door Opener, Dog Door, Dog Flaps, Autoslide